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The city of Santarém is located in the Ribatejo region of Portugal, close to the coast as it is only 73 km from Lisbon.
At N1 Hostel, Apartments & Suites we invite you to start planning your trip and discover every corner of Santarém and its surroundings.


Santarém is known as the Gothic capital of Portugal. Discover its historical center full of Gothic monuments and quiet streets. From the Romano-Gothic church S. João de Alporão, where the Archaeological Museum of the city is located, to the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça in Flamboyant Gothic style. Inside this church, we find the tomb of Pedro Álvares Cabral, the discoverer of Brazil. Undoubtedly, there are many monuments and churches to visit in the city, all have a great artistic-cultural value.

National fair of the horse (Feria de Golegã)

Golegã is located just 30 km from Santarém and there it is celebrated every November from the 18th century the largest fair of the Portuguese horse.
Filled with horsemen, breeders and a selection of the best horses in Portugal, this fair offers you the chance to discover the fascinating rural life; from typical gastronomy of the region to the living cultural heritage.


Near Santarém is the Natural Park of del Aire and Candeeiros Mountains, a paradise for lovers of speleology since there are many caves and chasms.
Likewise, this protected area is also perfect for hiking or equestrian tourism, as there are up to 16 routes.

On the other hand, near the Maior River there are the salt mines, a magical place where you can learn a little more about the extraction of salt.


The gastronomic specialties of Santarém are characterized by the Tagus River.

- The Caldeirada à Fragaiteiro. It is a way to prepare the fish boiler, typical of the Ribatejo river populations. Mullet and eels are compulsory in this recipe, as well as other fish such as the conger and barbels.
- The açorda de sável. A typical recipe that consists of a kind of soup with bread, garlic and oil accompanied by fried prochilos.

If you want to taste a delicious dessert it is a must: Arrepiados de Almoster, celestes de Santa Clara, tigeladas or queijinhos do céu, traditional pastry and typical of the area.
To accompany, we recommend you to savor a good wine with denomination of origin of Ribatejo.

38º National Gastronomy Festival

It was in 1981 when the first National Gastronomy Festival was born, bringing to Santarém the best restaurants of each tourist region. All of them presented in their menus their traditional regional specialties. The Festival is playing a fundamental role in the preservation of the Portuguese gastronomic heritage.

Nowadays is a brand for gastronomers, professionals and lovers of good food, which annually presents a program rich in activities to celebrate and promote the Portuguese Gastronomic Heritage. It is presented as a show of excellence and a showcase of regional flavors.